Identifying Users

Identifying users allows you to associate names, emails, or temporary support codes with sessions in your dashboard.

If you're, please visit the setup page to view instructions for identifying users.

Logged in users

After users have logged in, you can identify them by passing a unique user ID (required) along with the attributes you would like to see on the Cohere dashboard — for instance, their name and email.

"<user_id>", // Required: can be any unique ID
displayName: "<user_display_name>", // Optional
email: "<user_email>", // Optional

Logged out users

If you need to support users who haven't already logged in (e.g. if you're assisting them through a phone call), you can add a button to your page that generates a unique code for the user.

// Optionally, pass in a position ("bottomRight", "bottomLeft", "topLeft", "topRight")
// like so: Cohere.showCode("bottomLeft");

This will open a modal containing the generated code in the corner (bottom right by default) of your user's screen, which they can then read to you:

You'll be able to find the user by searching for this code in the Cohere dashboard.