Slack Integration

Get notifications in Slack whenever a user opens your website. Know when your VIPs are using your product and proactively reach out to resolve issues.

Cohere's Slack integration notifies a specified Slack channel whenever one of your users opens your web app:

To install the Slack bot, go to the Dashboard → Settings → Slack integration → Add Slack bot.

In order to use the Slack integration, you must be on our Pro plan. To learn more, check out our pricing page here or contact us at [email protected].

Using a Private Channel

If you’re installing the Slack bot into a private channel, you will need to add @cohere to the channel in order to receive messages. To do so, simply tag @cohere in a message → click Invite to channel.

Ignoring Users

To ignore certain users, you can add their emails or domains to the blocklist. Likewise, if you only want to be notified about a select group of users, you can add them to the whitelist: