Sentry Integration

See precisely what your customers were doing with every Sentry report. Play a recording of a customer's session at the exact moment Sentry reports an error and fix bugs with ease.

Cohere's Sentry integration allows you to attach Cohere Replay sessions directly to Sentry reports.

In order to use the Sentry integration, you must be on a Pro plan or have the Cohere Replay add-on. To upgrade, return to your dashboard and go to Settings → Add Cohere Replay.

Pass the Cohere Replay session URL by calling Cohere.getSessionUrl with a callback.

Cohere.getSessionUrl(sessionUrl => {
Sentry.configureScope(scope => {
scope.setExtra("Cohere session URL", sessionUrl);

In the case a session URL cannot be retrieved, the callback will NOT be called, so avoid adding other Sentry configuration in the callback.

Once Cohere has been integrated, you can view the session attached to a Sentry report by going to the Additional Data section: